TfL: The London LEZ - No need to pay extra!

London LEZ

In preparation for the 2012 London Olympics, Transport for London (the London Highways Authority) introduced in 2008, a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) which covers most of Greater London and operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

TfL says the aim of the scheme is to improve air quality in the city by deterring the most polluting vehicles from driving in the area.

The vehicles affected by the LEZ are diesel-engined lorries, buses, coaches, large vans, minibuses and other heavy vehicles such as horse boxes and private motorhomes.

Vehicles that do not meet 'Euro IV' emissions standards as of 3rd January 2012 must either pay a 200 Daily Charge [similar to the Congestion Charge however, with fines of 1000 for non-payment] OR be fitted with a TfL / VOSA approved Diesel Particulate Filtration System [some costing in the order of 4500 per vehicle], in order to enter the capital.

This requirement affects all coaches & buses; vehicles built before 2006 have to be fitted with the aforementioned Diesel Particulate Filtration System to meet this higher emissions standard and be exempt from the 200 daily charge, vehicles built after 2006 are automatically 'Euro IV' compliant and are therefore exempt from the 200 daily charge without any further action.

Please be reassured that, since the introduction of the London Low Emission Zone in 2008, Terry's Coach Hire has operated a number of compliant vehicles [The then requirement being Euro III] and now has plans in place for its touring fleet to become Euro IV compliant such that our vehicles remain exempt from the 200 daily charge. This represents a circa 20,000 investment in our fleet in order to exempt our touring vehicles from the charge.

Unlike some unscrupulous operators or those with older vehicles and no plans to become Euro IV compliant, we do not need to include the 'Daily Charge' in the cost of your coach hire.

The price quoted is the price you pay, sound in the knowledge that a Terry's Coach Hire vehicle will satisfy the requirements of the 2012 London LEZ by being more environmentally friendly, rather than simply passing a 200 daily charge on to you - the customer.

If however, you would still like to check if your destination is within the LEZ area please click here.